Sharepoint 2010 – database is up to date, but some sites are not completely upgraded

You think your upgrade is done and the in Central Adminstration right by the name of your content database you read : “database is up to date, but some sites are not completely upgraded “.

And then you’re stuck. I’ve seen a lot of people who tries to resume it by using psconfig -cmd upgrade….But this is for upgrading the whole farm. And if it failed once it will surely fail again when it tries to upgrade the content databas again.

For resumin the upgrade, you’ll need the ID for the database :

Get-SPContentDatabase -Identity <your content database name>

When you got the GUID for the database you can the resume the upgrade with the upgrade -spcontentdatabase command…

upgrade-spcontentdatabase -id <database GUID>

That should keep you going…

Happy upgrading !


  1. So i followed these steps but it still shows the stame status. any other suggestions?

  2. Hi, what does the upgrade log in central administration tells you exactly ?

    1. I got it fixed, what I ended up doing was running the upgrade command then the dismount-spcontentdatabase then mount-spcontentdatabase. That cleared up the message.

      1. Thanks for the feedback!

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