See Beyond The Numbers: Data Visualization with Status Lists in Sharepoint 2010 – part 1 Sharepoint List based Status Indicator and Excel based Status Indicator

Sharepoint 2010 is the IWs place of predilection for creating, authoring and sharing insights using a palette of tools like Excel Services, Performance Point Services, Access services, Power Wiew, Visio services, 3rd party vizualisation tools and so on.

One of the vizualisations that is vastly used and easy to read and interpret is Key Perfomance Indicators. They carry information in a simple and comprehensive way, usually with the help of graphical indicators like traffic lights or coloured arrows pointing up or down. In Performace Point Server there is a plethora of KPI indicators to choose from and you can of course even build your own.

But sometimes you just don’t want or can’t build a KPI then a scorecard and then a dashboard in PPS. That’s when the Sharepoint Status list comes in handy !

A status indicator is a one-line report. At a glance, a status indicator shows how actual performance for a particular measure compares to a goal. A good status indicator lets you know, without requiring calculations, if measures are on target or off target….

The rest of the post can be read on my company’s website.

Happy Sharepointing !

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