Come by Microsoft and get a power-update on PDW and the opportunities that the system opens within data warehouse!

Are you looking into a new data warehouse solution? Through this seminar, we will provide you with insights into PDW and how you use it in the best way possible.

Working with PDW will enable you to navigate more quickly in already existing data warehouse setup’s, combined with the opportunity of working with entirely new types of data.

We will introduce you to how we work with the appliance marked at Microsoft.

We will provide you with valuable knowledge on how to determine when to use an appliance solution and when you should construct your own, in order to ensure the most effective solution for you.

We will not only give you an introduction to PDW itself, we will also give you a live demo and discuss best-practice from real customer cases.

When we are talking about PDW, talking about SQL is imperative. At this seminar, we will show you the difference between the two, and show you when to use which.


Welcome and intro

SQL Server 2012 PDW – The Modern Data Warehouse –

v/Roger Breu PDW Solution Specialist, Microsoft

– What is SQL Server PDW and how does it relate to Big Data

– SQL Server PDW in action (Live demo)

– Competitive Landscape

– Reference Customers

HP AppSystem for SQL Server 2012 PDW –
v/Klaus Harder Category Manager, BSC, HP

– Hardware Architecture

– Start small with a quarter rack solution and scale-out up to 7 full racks

– HP resources available to support partners

When to do SQL Server, when to do PDW –

v/Michael Frandsen, Principal Consultant, MentalNote

– How PDW uses Windows Server 2012 to leverage the hardware

– Is PDW SQL Server?

– Key differentiators of PDW and SQL Server

– Usage scenarios


Level: 300


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