SQL Saturday Lisbon – The Southernmost European SQL SATURDAY

The Spring

In these days were spring is giving a shy but yet warming embrace to the Danish meadows and fields, where the birds sing earlier in the morning and where I eagerly take picture of newly bloomed winter flowers with chilly names such as snowdrops and crocus.


This is where I need some direct sunlight, leave the constant cloudy skies and the 8 hours of sunshine behind and being able to expose my pale arms to the sun.

This combined with a passion for the SQL Community are taking me to Lisbon on April 12th for SQLSaturday 267 Lisbon

This will be my second visit to SQL Saturday in Lisbon (and in Portugal) last year being such a memorable experience that I’m overwhelmingly grateful to be allowed to present again at the event.

Let me put it this way. If, against all odds, this year’s event is only half as good as last year’s it will still be a major success in my eyes !!


Never before, I’ve seen a bunch of SQL community enthusiasts putting so much attention and kindness in a free community event. From the pickup at the airport to the social gatherings before, under and after the event, everything was way above my expectations and adding to the technical value of the event.

I believe there are still seats available, but hey don’t wait too long.

The Team

The event is organized by a team of volunteers where I amongst others can mention:

  • Niko Neugebauer (T|B|L)
  • Vitor Pombeiro (T|L)
  • Pedro Simoes (T)
  • Paulo Matos (T)
  • and a lot of other guys .-)

The event has gathered some of the fines SQL Server community speakers from Europe and abroad (and also me). Check the impressive schedule out and don’t forget to register !

Besides that Lisbon is a great city to visit in April.

SQLSaturday 267 pre-con

Before the free community event itself there are 2 days of pre-con where you can get great training at even greater price.  Check that out :

Tim Mitchell Tim Mitchell – Real World SSIS: Survival Guide  (10th of April, Thursday)
Milos Radivojevic Milos Radivojevic – SQL Server for Application Developers  (10th of April, Thursday)
Edwin Sarmiento Edwin Sarmiento – High Availability & Disaster Recovery Deep Dive  (10th of April, Thursday)
Paul Turley Paul Turley – Complete BI Solution with Office & SQL Server  (11th of April, Friday)
Brent Ozar Brent Ozar – Virtualization, Storage, and Hardware for SQL Server
(11th of April, Friday )

Personally, I’ll be staying there for a week in Alfama district. Drop me a message if you want to go for a #sqlrun or a beer !

I hope to see you there !!

Happy learning !


  1. A #sqlrun and a beer?

    1. Definitely.

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