How paradoxal!

It has been almost a whole month without blogging. And the most astonishing is that this past 30 days have been so rich in events that I could have written a whole bunch of posts. On the other hand this might as well be the reason why I didn’t blog before now.

To sum it up in chronological order:

  • 29/3 We arranged and held SQL Saturday in Copenhagen for the second time
  • 1/4 I was attributed a MVP award for SQL Server – See previous post where I screamed it to the world, my excitement from the top of someplace very high !
  • 12/4 I spoke at SQL Saturday in Lisbon, Portugal

imageMicrosoft Most Valuable Professionalimage

Besides that

  • I’ve been working on some small pieces of code to schedule tweets in SSIS (mainly to help me pushing info about the sessions at SQL Saturday in Lisbon)
  • I’ve completed my “lose some weight” mission. 40 pounds of fat and I’m afraid some muscle mass too.
  • I’ve started some interesting projects, none of them in DK (which contributes to making them interesting Winking smile )
  • I was asked to do a full day workshop at an upcoming SQL Saturday this fall
  • The LoveFarm lost all its chickens to the fox(es) but acquired 7 geese. Christmas diner is saved.


But first thing first.

Hosting SQL Saturday 275

For the second year in a row and with the same core team of volunteers we have held a very successful SQL Saturday in DK/Copenhagen (geographically speaking not in Copenhagen, but who cares).

A few figures to put things into perspective :

  • 171 attendees. (Woop woop !)
  • 35 sessions
  • 34 speakers from 14 countries (Bulgaria, India, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, UK, US, Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, South Africa, Ireland, Poland)
  • 200 registrations and 53 on the waitlist on the day prior to the event.
  • 225 sandwiches
  • 200 sponsored #sqlbrews
  • 207 hotdogs for the after event

You will find some more pics there : https://www.facebook.com/regis.baccaro/media_set?set=a.10152306866874174.812574173&type=3

Boris Hristov (Twitter) took a lot of pics also : https://www.facebook.com/brshristov/media_set?set=a.849773401715139.1073741833.100000474604957&type=1

and this large collection of unedited images : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0ikMTuyjphVdEVWWTYwWktiRmc&usp=sharing

It was 2 great days of conference and a lot of work for all the team.

Last year – our first SQL Saturday – it was new for everyone. The venue, the volunteers, the team were untrained. I believe that it was only David (Twitter) and I that had participated in SQL Saturday by the time we organized the Danish edition.

Actually by the time I signed up for organizing SQL Saturday in DK in November 2012, I’ve never participated myself in any SQL Saturday. Since have changed a lot since !

So back to our second edition. It was obvious to see that we were (almost) seasoned organizers.

This year I wanted to make it a very democratic process. Asking the whole team for every decision that had to be made. Most of the time it resulted in a lot of mails out of topic but sometimes also with interesting views and comments.

May be excessively democratic but definitely worth a try !! It resulted in some great initiatives from all the team members :

  • Huge Jenga game to settle an international dispute.
  • Traditional Danish food for the speaker’s dinner (probable the most acclaimed feature of the weekend)
  • Sponsored #sqlbrew for the after party
  • Partly sponsored, deliciously organic hot dogs from DØP
  • A Sunday’s stroll in the City with a very knowledgeable guide, Steffen – had he been a speaker at SQL Saturday it would have been an immense success.


I believe that the next edition – hopefully there will be one –  will be planned in a less democratic amd more controlled way. Meaning that I will try to ask only relevant questions and expect relevant answers – easier said than done.

I think the main challenge for next year though will be to find a suitable venue. By suitable I mean within our budget and with room for more people than MSFT HQ in Hellerup, DK.

Once again a huge thanks to the SQL Saturday team (main role in parentheses), Rasmus (volunteers), Jens (hotdogs), Claus (sponsors), Kenneth (banners and connectivity), David L. (shirts), David P.H. (precons). And also our sponsors, the speakers for their commitment, the attendees for spending a sunny saturday with us. And last but not least a huge thanks to Kathrine for helping out, nursing us and bearing over with us !

See you next year !!

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