23 days to SQL Saturday Edinburgh BI EDITION

This 14th of June 2014 I am so delighted to go to Edinburgh and speak at SQL Saturday #281 BI Edition.

Based on the previous years feedback the SQL Saturday team decided to have a dedicated BI edition. Including session on SQL Server 2014, Big Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and Data Visualization

So I will probably not be wearing my new T-shirt!! :


My session : “Power View and the cube” is about the rather interesting  possibilities given by Power View in conjunction with good ol’ multidimensional models rather than tabular models. A possibility that was added to SQL Server 2012 with the release of SP1.

The day before the free event there are 2 pre-conferences. One held by Mark Broadbent (T|B) called Real World SQL Server High Availability Master Class.

Why High Availability at a BI event ? The attentive reader might ask, well because there is not much BI if your servers aren’t available, right ?

And the other pre-conference is Jen Stirrup’s (T|BData Analyst toolkit – Microsoft Power BI and R which also sounds very promising.

I hope the weather will be with us and I am already practicing my covert and overt Scotticisms, which frankly sounds terrible when pronounced by me. So I hope I won’t cause a stooshie!

I will hopefully see you in Edinburgh (pronounce /ˈɛdɪnbərə/ or they will smile or even laugh at you ) !!

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