Power BI Preview – A journey

Here it is!!

We have been waiting for it for a long time. I first saw it at the MVP Summit in November but now the Power BI dashboard is in a preview version. A lot has already been written about it so I won’t paraphrase or repeat that. So if you want more information, follow the links below:

Power BI dashboards

Power BI API : getting started with building applications, connectors and other Power BI enabled bits and pieces

Power BI support : Link to all support thing Power BI, howtos and guides

What I want to do instead is taking a journey through the product and write about it so you might avoid the same problems that I am about to experience (I know I am bit pessimistic there, but hey it’s Power BI in preview, what do you expect ? )

For getting started you will need a Power BI subscription. And it has – as of december 23rd – to be a United States based subscription. The only place where the Power BI dashboards preview is available.

Once I had those formalities ready I was ready for getting started

Episode 1 : A (data) refreshing journey

Getting started

The first thing any sensible person would like to do is to see its own data displayed on a dashboard. Power BI preview offers a variety of data sources but a lot are still missing.

You can import data from

Excel workbooks, Tabular models, Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft CRM and a few others. I would like to see OData in there and also SQL Server, SAP, Dynamics AX, CSV files and Azure Marketplace.


But there is also a link to suggest new datasources and instructions on how you can get started building some yourself. A nice one is the Power BI Designer file which takes you to a place where you can download the Power BI designer tool : and Bingo !! this is where all the source are hidden Open-mouthed smile

imageand image

I am really excited to start working with this tool and I will keep you updated when I move on in my journey throughout the Power BI adventure !!

The product is still in preview and there are still a lot of glitches here and there but I’m so much looking forward to use it and push the message to our customers. Hopefully it is easier to understand than the Excel 2013, SharePoint, Power View, Azure, Office 365, data refresh, Power BI messages I am used to push in the real world !!

Happy Power-Biing (and Christmas)


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  3. Donald Parish · · Reply

    You actually don’t need a Power BI subscription for the Preview. Just need to create an account using a Work or School email address.

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