SQL Rally Nordic 2015

3rd and 4th of March : 2 days of SQL Server conference delivered by some of the best speakers on the planet.

2nd of March : 1 day of pre-conference


Started in 2011 by some of the pioneers of the European SQL Server community : Raoul Illyes and Johan Åhlén from SolidQ the SQL Rally Nordic was the first major SQL Server Conference outside the United States

Aronsborg – Sweden – 2011 http://www.sqlpass.org/sqlrally/2011/nordic/home.aspx

Copenhagen – Denmark – 2012 http://www.sqlpass.org/sqlrally/2012/nordic/VenueTravel.aspx

Arlanda – Sweden – 2013 http://www.sqlpass.org/sqlrally/2013/nordic/VenueTravel.aspx

I’ve been to the 3 previous SQL Rally Nordic. The first two as an attendee / sponsor and the third one as a speaker. I don’t want to miss the upcoming one and neither do you.

PASS SQL Rally Nordic is back – bigger than ever

Since its first edition in 2011 the conference has increased in both quality and popularity. This years edition will find place in Denmark from 2nd to 4th of March.

Copenhagen – Denmark – 2015 http://www.sqlpass.org/sqlrally/2015/nordic/home.aspx

This is a unique opportunity to meet a lot of international and local top-notch speakers and to attend more than 30 sessions about Business Intelligence, Development and DBA work over a 2 days period in Copenhagen on the 3rd and 4th of March.

Furthermore there is also a full day of pre-conferences from internationally acclaimed speakers such as Itzik Ben Gan, David Peter Hansen, Brent Ozar, Grant Fitchey, Rafal Lukawiecki and Peter Myers.

This years agenda is impressive and have just been published and can be downloaded here.

I have the privilege to be involved into the organization of the event this year and I can already tell you that it is going to be a blast. We are introducing a PASS Community Zone where attendees can come and share their interest with peers.

Below is a picture of the PASS Community Zone at PASS Summit 2014 in Seattle just to give you an idea of how it looks like.

Image taken by Guy Glantser – Owner and CEO of Madeira SQL Server Services

We are expecting a lot of people to come and crash on the bean bags and recharge their favorite device. This year will also see the introduction of a new “Power Supply bank”….

So get ready to meet, learn and network with the mightiest team of SQL Server speakers from all over the world such as :

– Itzik Ben Gan

– André Kamman

– Uwe Ricken

– Pieter Vanhove

– Alberto Ferrari

– Jen Stirrup

– Marco Russo

– Reeves Smith

– Paul Turley

and many others.

The venue is a chapter for itself. In the heart of one of the oldest recreation area in the world. Right in the center of Copenhagen : The Tivoli Congress Center

Kongresfilm 2014 – Tivoli Congress Center som venue from Woco Film on Vimeo.

Register today for the conference and/or the pre-conference as prize will change on 15/1.

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