SQL Saturday Denmark 2015 #413 – We Love SeQueLs

This is not an hidden add for Giro 413 (an ancient danish radio program)

But the proud announcement that SQL Saturday Denmark is back on track, alive and kicking, getting ready for a blast of an event. The whole team that brought you the 2 first events is now a lot of experience richer and we promise we will not repeat the mistakes from the past (did you even notice ? )

This year we are going bigger, better, longer and uncut !

We want to move on to SQL Saturday v2.0 or whatever we want to call it. 412 times before us, they have been events with or without pre-cons and with speakers coming and delivering one or more one-hour session. This is great but we feel it is time to move on. This is why we will try to innovate within the given conditions and rules of the event.

SQL Saturday V2.0

Here are some of the thoughts about this year’s event that we are struggling to make a reality or the first beer is on me !

– Academic track delivered by university professors about Database Theory – not vendor dependant

– SharePoint track – ‘cause what is SharePoint without SQL and who will SQL people blame if SharePoint didn’t exist.

– Double sessions

– People choice sessions

– Mixed sessions – Regular followed up by labs.

– New venue with top notch AV facilities and room for even more people

– 2 pre-con days with some of the greatest speakers from Europe and abroad.

– Tastier organic hotdogs for the after event party !

As always we wish to emphasize on the originality and content that hasn’t been presented before. So if you’re session has been presented many times at several events before you are less likely to have it picked.

These are just few of our ideas so please come and check by yourself.

Come and join us

You are hereby invited to join us for the event. Please make sure to register as we hope and expect the event to be sold out quite rapidly. And if you register, please show up !! Otherwise I will personally make sure for this won’t happen again Steaming mad.

SharePoint track

We’ve been in contact with the most eminent representants for the SharePoint community in Denmark and we already some great session submisssion. Our goal is to combine SQL Saturday and SharePoint event in one great saturday. We might need to revide the name to ShareQL Saturday at some point.

IT University of Copenhagen central atrium


The venue is Copenhagen IT University located downtown by a metro station. Be ready for the greatest venue ever….


For registration please go to the website.

If you fancy submitting for a precon session. Whole day or half day please go straight to the precon site

See you in Copenhagen on September 19th !!

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