Danish SQL User Group General Assembly

For many years, the Danish SQL Server User group (under the PASS umbrella) has been stagnating !! So much stagnating that other successful initiatives have started.

Some of my fellow members and myself really want to reinvigorate this group, which had become more and more dusty over the years.  This is why we decided to instaure a monthly meeting on the first Tuesday. We also want to switch location from meeting to meeting. One time in western Denmark and the next time in eastern Denmark.  The country being so small no one will probably notice it!

One of the result of this tentative for reinvigoration is the session by Erin Stellato (B|T) during the upcoming general assembly at Rehfelds office on April 7. (Blegdamsvej 104C – 2100 Kbh Ø) at 5:30 PM


As much as we’d like to have Erin in persona here in Copenhagen it was not possible to fit that into her schedule and our budget. So instead we are hosting a live meeting with her on that day.

First session by Erin Stellato

Erin Stellato

Erin will speak about how to Make the Leap from Profiler to Extended Events.

If you’re like me, you’ve been using SQL Trace and Profiler since you started using SQL Server. They’re like old friends, tried and true. You know how they work, you know what you can capture, you know how to find the data you need. But now you’ve been told that your good friends have been deprecated in SQL Server 2012, and you need to become best friends with Extended Events. What is THAT all about? It’s ok. Really. In this session we’ll look at Profiler and Extended Events side by side to see how easy it is to transition to Extended Events. We’ll step through real world examples using Extended Events to do what you’re used to doing with Trace, and even more. You can find the time learn Extended Events…today.

Second session by Régis Baccaro


Régis Baccaro (B|T) will speak about how to get the best out of Continuous Integration with Team Foundation Server and SQL Server Data Tools.

In this session we are going to focus on the interaction between SSDT and TFS. Developing locally and publishing the changes to an on-premises instance of SQL Server. We will look at how we can do continuous integration between development and other environments pushing the schema changes and upgrading the version numbers in a seamless manner upon successful build of the solution.

For the second session we will also shortly speak about how RedGate tools can help us achieve some of the scenarios that are impossible to deal with when working with TFS and SSDT alone.

There will be some time for networking, eating and of course electing the new board.

Already listed candidates this year are :

  • Kennie Pontopiddan
  • Kenneth M. Nielsen (new)
  • David P. Hansen
  • Thomas Andersen
  • Claus Munch
  • Régis Baccaro


For registration please visit the SQLUG.DK website

By participating to the general assembly meeting you are also participating to a raffle where the prize is a 32GB USB key with all session recordings from the PASS Summit 2014 (value 495$)

Be there or be square !!

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