The information age is over, the era of intelligence has begun

The line above is the first information that meets the eye when browsing to , my new employer !


As a matter of fact, friday, the company I work at – Rehfeld partners a/s – annouced that it was bought by a huge multinational healthcare company with filials and ramifications in many countries : IMS Health.

The whole announcement on Rehfeld’s website can be read here.

Established in the 50’s it has now more than 15000 employees and some 10+ Petabytes (yes peta-freaking-bytes) og healthcare data that they offer to a broad range of customers in a private cloud service.


I have been really – and still am – really happy for working at Rehfeld and I am not sure what this will mean for my day to day work and the existing customers that we have outside the health sector.

I’ve decided to adopt a positive approach to these changes and welcome new colleagues, ideas, technologies and ways of working with open arms.

Rehfeld is a great place to work*, probably the best place i’ve ever worked so far and I really wish and hope that it will remain the informal, tolerant and highly innovative place, that I appreciate so much!

One thing I hope for, for sure : Lots of opportunities to work with SQL Server inside and outside of Denmark.

A chance I really am looking forward to. So I am ready to ceise the opportunity and go consulting on a European plan 😀

Happy merger !!

*I’ve been an IBM employee previously and I remember how it was to be one out of 400.000 employees, drowning in processes, tickets and bureaucratic workflows. This is not me and will never be.


  1. Hi Regbac,
    a lot of understanding from a new colleague, from Forcea in Belgium, acquired last year by IMS Health, doing BI, hospitals, datawarehousing with SQLServer … Hope we get to collaborate in a near future.

    1. Merci Olivier,

      looking forward to hear more about IMSHealth work and how I can get involved !


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