Installing SharePoint 2016

This post is my first impressions at installing (and using a bit) SharePoint 2016 IT Preview.

Last night I downloaded SharePoint IT Preview 2016 from here

I created a new server in my Hyper-V environment and joined it to my domain as I’ve done it many times with SharePoint 2013. After installing the prerequisites I finally got started with the installation itself.

I created an alias for my SQL Server on the SP 16 box as I’ve described it on my post : Using aliases for SharePoint databases

First problem I encountered, the product key. I’ve download the software from an open internet site and didn’t expect to have to enter a product key…let’s find it. Luckily it’s on the install instructions from the download page !

After entering it I was able to start installing the bits.

After installation is done, I started the configuration wizard and chose to create a new farm…same screens as in earlier versions. Choose DB server, pick a database name and a farm service account. Then a new screen in the grey wizard shows up : Specify Server Role

Specifying Server Role

What before was a manual work made by the SharePoint administrators is now an automated part of the installation. You can now install SharePoint in different roles instead of configuring them afterwards. It means that you can have hardware and software that better fits together from the very beginning of the installation with i.e more CPU power or better I/O throughput depending on the role you want to use. There is a link on this screen to learn more about server farm topologies but unfortunately the link is not working (yet?)

After some time:

After that you can start to work on the central admin site and you can choose to configure everything self or to use the “white wizard”.

Let’s configure everything ourselves.

Unfortunately, the Central administration database still has a really not user friendly name !

After creation of a web application and a site collection with the BI Center template, I want to start some BI service applications. To my surprise Excel Services not present..

Where is Excel services service application?

No signs of it on the application list.

I suppose then, that it is here somehow but when I try to open an excel workbook in SharePoint I get an error stating that something went wrong.

After a closer look at the ULS log with ULS viewer I can see that the error is very trivial. It is pointing to SharePoint 2013 excel viewer L

But still no sign of Ecel viewer in the 16 folder. I will investigate and find a solution…

Happy SharePointing


  1. Anders Ericsson · · Reply

    Excel Services is removed from Sharepoint 2016. As far as I am concerned the functionality will be available in “Office Online Server” which has not been released yet.


    1. Hi Anders, thanks for the comment. This is also what I found out and tried to explain in my next post :

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