Installing SharePoint 2016 – 2

2 days ago, I ranted about installing SharePoint 2016 IT Preview and how about I was disappointed not be able to use Excel Services.

A few hours later I was pointed to that article by Microsoft :

What’s deprecated or removed from SharePoint Server 2016 IT Preview

One of the deprecated features being Excel Services.

To be accurate those features from Excel Services have been deprecated:

  • Trusted data providers
  • Trusted file locations
  • Trusted data connection libraries
  • Unattended service account
  • Excel Services Windows PowerShell cmdlets
  • Opening of Excel workbooks from SharePoint Central Administration site

I personally use Excel Services a lot and I’ve seen it as a great investment from Microsoft in SharePoint BI stack…and now it’s removed. Let’s take a step back.

The introduction of Excel Services in SharePoint 2013 together with SQL Server 2012 added a great deal of capabilities to the platform.

From Excel Services we were able to:

  • Build Power View reports against tabular models
  • Use Pivot Table against all kinds of data source
  • Refresh the data using an unattended service account or application ID from the Secure Store Service

Now, according to the article, all that has been replaced by Excel Online on “Office Online Server Preview”. The problem being that there is not much information about Office Online Server Preview out there and what about data refresh ?

The coolest feature of Excel Services after the great visualizations and drill-through being the data refresh!

So for making it all work again I need Office Online Server Preview, which I understand is basically Office Web app Server to be used by SharePoint 2016 for display Excel spreadsheet and allowing data refresh.

This is definitely gonna be the topic of an upcoming blog post!

Happy Office Online Server Preview’ing !

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