Connecting SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher

This post is meant as a mental note for not having to struggle with the problem again another time….

Some weeks ago I downloaded and Installed SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.2 and now I want to try the new Reporting Services Experience – with the Datazen part now almost fully integrated to Reporting Services. For that I also downloaded the SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher from here.

New vs Old Report Manager experience, courtesy of @idigdata

After configuring my SQL Server and Reporting Services to run on my local SQL Server box I am able to contact the report manager using the following url : http://localhost/reportserver

When you open the SQL Server Mobile Report Manager you are offered the possibility to connect to a SSRS instance.

Server address = localhost/reportserver, add user name and password and press connect.

The following error shows up:


If I try with : localhost/reports I get a 404 (not found). So is there really no way to connect to SSRS CTP 3.2 with the mobile report publisher?

Wait a minute, there is a new user experience in Report Manager like shown above, and this experience has also an URL : http://localhost/Reports_Preview

And if I add that url to the SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher (really need to find a shorter name for this one!!) I am able to connect.


Quite strange IMHO though that it is bound to a website visualisation.

Anyway I can move on and start using SSRS in CTP 3.2.

Happy mobile reporting !


  1. Hi,
    I have the same problem.

    I just installed “Microsoft SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.2”, and “SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher”.

    I can access:
    http://*hostname*/Reports_SQLEXPRESS (this site shows: SQL Server Reporting Services Home)
    http://*hostname*/ReportServer_SQLEXPRESS (this site just shows: Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Version 13.0.900.73)

    But i can NOT access(error message):
    http://*hostname*/reportserver (404)
    http://*hostname*/Reports_Preview (404)

    When i start “SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher”, and click “Connection”, and fill in the form with “Server Address” as the *hostname* from above or localhost or, (i leave the user and password empty)it fails to connect with the following error message: “Server Error: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found”.

    If i put in *hostname*/Reports_SQLEXPRESS and empty user and pass, i get: “(401) Unauthorized”.
    If i put in *hostname*/Reports_SQLEXPRESS and correct user and pass, i get: “(404) Not Found”
    If i put in *hostname*/ReportServer_SQLEXPRESS and empty user and pass, i get: “(401) Unauthorized”.
    If i put in *hostname*/ReportServer_SQLEXPRESS and correct user and pass, i get: “An error has occurred. Sorry for the inconvenience, but an error has occurred. If the problem persists, please restart the application”. And a button “Close”. And it just shows me the microsoft loading circle, and i can press “cancel” and start over again.

    Any idea what i can do for further troubleshooting?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi,

      From the Reporting Services Home (http://*hostname*/Reports_SQLEXPRESS) click on the “Preview the New Reporting Services” link on the top left of the page.
      Mine shows : http://*hostname*/Reports_Preview/#/browse/
      Remove the /#/browse part and this is the url you want to use in the Mobile Report Publisher.

      Hope it helps.

  2. Hi there, on Reporting Services Home there is no link to the “Preview the New Reporting Services”… Do you have to enabled some other option so that it is shown? Thanks.

    1. Hi Ygor,

      which version of Reporting Service are you running ? And are you looking in the report manager ?

  3. Yes, report manager, using CTP 3 on azure.

  4. Is it available only in CTP 3.2? If yes, is there any way to do a migration from version 3 to 3.2? I’m running on a trial account on azure. Thanks again.

  5. I created a dashboard using SQL Mobile Report Publisher and published it to the server. After Publishing when I view that dashboard from the server I can also see the top shared area in screen. (The area with “SQL Server Reporting Services, Favorites, Browse, Settings, Download, Help etc”). Is there any way that I can view only the dashboard in full screen.

    1. Hi Pam and sorry for the late answer. There is no way I know of for viewing the dashboard only in full screen

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