The date demands it or does it?

Quite a while since I’ve been writing…a lot of water under the bridge and a demanding yet rewarding job in Zurich are some of my excuses.

This is not a post about :

SQL Server written in Javascript, Linus Torvald joining Microsoft or even IT companies investing massively in handwritten procedures, or even Microsoft acquiring Canonical since it has already been written today.

SQL Server on Linux and Windows 10 BASH are already old news and MVP renewal is not due to later today…

This is a post about :

The Official SQL Server 2016 Launch Event

The reason why I’m grabbing a pen – a keyboard rather – is the upcoming SQL Server 2016 launch event in Denmark

Everybody – at least the few readers I have – know that SQL Server 2016 is right around the corner but what fewer people know is that we are throwing the best SQL Server Conference in Copenhagen to date : SQL Nexus


Expect a lot of learning, networking and community involvment.

We are running 5 parallel tracks for 2 days

  • BI
  • DBA
  • DEV
  • Advanced Analytics /IoT
  • Cloud
  • Community Picks

As well as 5 whole day Full day sessions with

  • Allan Hirt
  • Allan Mitchell and Davide Mauri
  • Itzik Ben Gan
  • Amit Banerjee
  • Matt Masson
  • Rafal Lukawiecki
  • Tim Chapman

Keynote will be by Joseph Sirosh and Troels Petersen and we’ll also have track specific keynotes to start up the main conference with speakers like Mark Souza, Matt Masson, Lindsey Allen, Rafal Lukawiecki and Ragu Ramakrishnan.

Premier Support tickets

If your company has an agreement with Microsoft about Premier Support, you can use this agreement to pay for the conference fee.

Community Zone

The guys from the SQL Server User Group in Denmark have also been working hard to build a community zone worth a visit. There will be rich possibility to meet and speak with speakers, participate in quizzes and network with fellow SQL Server pros. If you have logistic problems for joining the conference, the community has also arranged a SQLCouch service (the T-SQL version of AirBnb) and a SQLDrive service (Uber without the police harassment). Make sure to visit their Facebook page for more information. The CZ will have some guests from PASS for any community related questions, so make sure you stop by and have a chat with Karla and Georgia.

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