Speaking at SQL Saturday #526 Rochester

This year, I decided to cut down on the number of SQL Saturdays I would attend, SQL Saturday #526 Rochester is one of the few I submitted to and I was so delighted to get selected. I will present 2 sessions at the event on May 14th. I haven’t been upstate New York since 1986 (waow man, 30 years ago) where I was in Albany and Buffalo so I really look forward to this trip

Advanced BIML – for the advanced ETL developer

I’ll expect attendees to know the basics of BIML as I will showing some tricks and trips that I gathered about how to hide your business logic and Intellectual Property and how to do continuous integration and deployment of the output of your BIML solution amongst others things.

Continuous Integration using SSDT and TFS

This is one of my favorite topics. Started presenting that at my second SQL Saturday in Lisbon in 2013. But things have changed a lot since : 2 major versions of TFS and of SQL Server. And now TFS has even integrated Release Management which make things even more exciting. We’ll have a look at the new build engine and how to add build artefacts – Team City style. And we’ll also look at the limitations of the products and how to address them.

Family trip

Not only the #SQLFamily will be present in Rochester, but also the #Baccaro family (my own), as my wife and son will join me for the trip. From Toronto to Rochester and back. I guess we’ll make a stop at Niagara Falls on the way…

Haven’t sailed the Maid of The Mist for so many years now 😀

And it also looks like Rochester has a Lilac festival going on during the SQL Saturday weekend !! Looking forward to present surrounded by the sweet smell of lilac in the air !!

If you can make it so SQL Saturday #526 in Rochester make sure to stop by my session and say hello…


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