Speaking at SQL Saturday Lisbon #583

In a few days, I will be heading towards Lisbon to speak at the annual SQL Saturday which takes place on Saturday March 11th.

On March 9th and 10th, there are 3 preconference workshops held by some of the very knowledgeable people in the industry, so if you are near you don’t want to miss

Friday 10th:

  • Advanced Data Management with MDS by Tillmann Eitelberg and Gabi Münster
  • What the Hekaton?! How to Get 100X Faster Performance in SQL Server 2016 by Kalen Delaney

Thursday 9th

  • How to Tune SQL Server Indexes with Execution Plans by Kendra Little

This is the third time, I have the privilege to be invited as a speaker at this great event (which by the way was the first SQL Saturday outside the US, and the second I spoke at).

This year my session is all about Biml : Biml for advanced developers

This is the early morning session, my favorite hour, soI hope that people are awake at that time of the day because I won’t rest until we manage to achieve Continuous Deployment of SSIS projects in Biml.

If you are at the event or near Microsoft office in the Portuguese capital, don’t hesitate to come to me and say hello!

Looking forward to some great days of learning and networking in Lisbon and seeing all my SQL friends and colleagues.

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