SQL Nexus 2017 – Scandinavian’s largest data platform conference

From May 1st to May 3rd in Copenhagen.

For the second year in a row, I am heavily involved in the planning and organization of Scandinavian’s largest data platform conference in Copenhagen: SQL Nexus

For the second year in a row we have gathered speakers from every part of the world.

For the second year in a row we are hosted by Cinemaxx at Fisketorvet in Copenhagen. If you’ve never attended a conference in this venue I can tell you that every speaker I spoke to from last year was totally in awe by the AV capacity of those huge screens, making use of Zoomit or other magnifying software totally unnecessary.

Following the recent announcement of the SQL Server 2017 we have a content focused on the features that have been made available in that release of SQL Server, which is – according to many – the most important SQL Server release since SQL Server 2005.

The event is split up in two parts

  • Full-day workshop
  • Main conference with 6 tracks and 60+ sessions over two days. Check the agenda here

What is learning without sharing?

Since we believe that the community is very important for the development of the knowledge around the Data Platform we have arranged a Community Zone where the speakers will hang out after their sessions so you – the attendees – have a chance to chat with them and ask whatever questions weren’t answered during their session.

Tuesday evening we turn the ground floor of Cinemaxx into a Gin Bar and the outdoor area into a he BBQ and beer area. Let’s hope the capricious Danish weather Gods will be clement.

The community around SQL Nexus is astonishing.

On the volunteers side of the event, we have:

Kenneth M. Nielsen, my partner in crime in organizing SQL Saturdays, speaking engagements and Gin tasting.

Mark Broadbent who used to be the hardest drinking DBA on the planet and still a great chap. Mentioned SQL Nexus to me in the first place back in Edinburgh in June 2014.

SQL Server User Group members : Claus Munch, Kennie Pontopiddan, Jesper Johansen and countless other helping hands who will keep the Community Zone going during those days

From the event organization side, we have:

Kathrine Nørrelund: Keeping all things together and us volunteers under control

Lars Bo Granath: Making a heroic effort to push Microsoft message through to us community cone heads and using his clout to get amazing Microsoft Corporate speakers involved.

Martin Kronborg: In charge of all the practical details around the event, sponsor area, party night, catering and many other things.

Sanne Kreiner: Web wizard keeping the website under control with the speed of light.

So if you meet one of those guys during the event, give them a hug and thanks them for their awesome work!

Of course, this event is only possible thanks to the speakers, the attendees and the sponsors.

Bottom line, whether you are into Database Development, Business Intelligence, Database Administration, Advanced Analytics or IoT, don’t miss the chance to network with peers, learn from the best and join us for 3 days of total immersion into the Data Platform in fantastic surroundings.

Did I mention that you even can pay the conference fee with your Microsoft Premier Support agreement ? How awesome is that ?

Don’t miss the chance to attend SQL Nexus, go and check it out now on http://www.sqlnexus.com

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