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Scripting SharePoint installation and configuration

Introduction This is the first post in a series of posts related to Mark Broadbent (B|T) and my preconference at SQL Saturday Cambridge on September 12th 2015. These posts are extracts of what you might expect from our whole day of preconference. Please have a look at Implementing Business Intelligence & SharePoint High Availability Solutions for more […]

Removing SPTrustedIdentityTokenIssuer

I’ve been experimenting a lot with Sharepoint claims authentication, ADFS and custom STS.  Doing some cool stuff like deploying cross federation authentication, hosting a custom STS in a sharepoint site and using it directly from another sharepoint site leaves a lot of unwanted stuff on you server So now that my development environment is plastered […]

How to list the sharepoint 2010 databases that are in use – eventually to a file ?

It happens to me all the time when I develop and test or after migrations attempts ! Well, I hope I’m not the only one who has ended with a lots of used and unused Sharepoint databases after numerous farm installs and reconfigs… When time is in for a clean up of you SQL server […]