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Using aliases for SharePoint databases

Aliases are good. In fact, aliases are excellent. The purpose of this post is to explain why and how to use aliases when working with SharePoint. This is the second post in the series about building an highly available BI setup. A series that will culminate with Mark Broadbent (B|T) and my preconference at SQL Saturday […]

Tweaking your Sharepoint databases ?

Have you ever wondered how to optimize your SharePoint databases ? But you are afraid that any changes will result in loss of support from Microsoft, right ? Well, here is the good news. Some changes are supported (and some are not) Mainly what you are not allowed to do is making changes to the […]

SSMS templates in SQL Server 2012

There is nothing new about using templates in SSMS. Each time you create let’s say a new stored procedure you use a template like this one They have been around since SQL Server 2000. Where is my template parameters pop-up dialog ? In previous versions of SQL Server you wanted to use the key combination […]