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Tweaking your Sharepoint databases ?

Have you ever wondered how to optimize your SharePoint databases ? But you are afraid that any changes will result in loss of support from Microsoft, right ? Well, here is the good news. Some changes are supported (and some are not) Mainly what you are not allowed to do is making changes to the […]

SQL Server 2012 Distributed Replay Snapin

I was disappointed this morning when I finished installing SQL Server 2012 RC0. Still no GUI for Distributed Replay and I’m afraid this great feature won’t get the attention it deserves !! Therefore I’ve made a quick MMC snapin as a GUI for distributed replay (Preprocess, Replay, Status, Cancel commands). This is a very simple […]

High Performance SQL Server – Complete showplan operators

My colleague Fabiano Amorim at SolidQ just published an interesting book about explaining Query Optimizer behaviour. How it works and how to understand it based on the behaviour of a small set of executions plan. Great reading and the best thing about it : the book is free to download at : Happy optimizing […]