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Attempted to access external data using the unsupported provider Provider=MSOLAP.6

A short post to celebrate that it is December 1st and I have moved to a self-hosted wordpress provider. This is the simple problem to the error “The workbook ‘http://<site name>/<workbook name>.xlsx’ attempted to access external data using the unsupported provider ‘Provider=MSOLAP.6….’” I am preparing a session for the upcoming SQL Saturday in Ljubjana where […]

From Hellhound to Best of Breed – A Guide To Setting up Kerberos Delegation with SharePoint BI Stack – Part II

If you’ve followed the instructions from post 1 then you have setup Kerberos delegation for Excel Services in SharePoint 2013.  Here is how to check if it’s working as it should: Checking the configuration The easiest way to see if the setup is successful is to try to create an Excel document which accesses a […]

See Beyond The Numbers: Data Visualization with Status Lists in Sharepoint 2010 – part 1 Sharepoint List based Status Indicator and Excel based Status Indicator

Sharepoint 2010 is the IWs place of predilection for creating, authoring and sharing insights using a palette of tools like Excel Services, Performance Point Services, Access services, Power Wiew, Visio services, 3rd party vizualisation tools and so on. One of the vizualisations that is vastly used and easy to read and interpret is Key Perfomance […]