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SharePoint 2016 – Office Online Server – Error : This product requires Microsoft .Net framework 4.5

I am installing SharePoint 2016 together with PowerPivot and Power View for SQL Server 2016 and I have a 3 servers Hyper-V environment running locally: A domain controller (with a tabular instance of SSAS 2014) A SharePoint 2016 single server farm A SQL Server 2016 CTP 3.1 running the database engine and the tabular instance […]

How to fix license error when attempting to add a new instance to an existing SQL Server 2014 CTP2 installation

When installing a new instance on an existing SQL 2014 CTP2 you might get this error: Access to the path ‘C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL Server120License TermsSQLServer2014CTP_License_EVAL_1033.rtf’ is denied. like the one below If you hit Retry it will popup again and if you hit Cancel your whole installation is cancelled. After clicking Cancel: The workaround is […]

Cannot connect to configuration database

How many times have I seen this message on a blank page when starting browsing Sharepoint 2010 or the Central Administration ? Well, a lot of times, believe me, but yesterday was a new one ! A friend called in despair saying that their Sharepoint installation (intranet, 1 Front end webserver and one shared SQL Server with […]

Where did “all people” went

In Sharepoint 2007, there was a link to All People which was very practical and allowed you to handle security. In 2010 the link is gone. Microsoft didn’t think it was useful, but we did… There is – of course – a workaround to get the same list : Click on a link to a group in […]