This is not an hidden add for Giro 413 (an ancient danish radio program) But the proud announcement that SQL Saturday Denmark is back on track, alive and kicking, getting ready for a blast of an event. The whole team that brought you the 2 first events is now a lot of experience richer and […]

I’ve written a few blog posts about Continuous Integration and database development using Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server. The posts can be read here. It all culminated when I did a session at SQL Konferenz in Darmstadt last week. My session was really well visited (approx 65 people when the session ended) and […]

This week I was involved in a project where I was asked to create an Azure automation runbook to power up a set of virtual machines and then power them down. Although the script themselves are not really complicated (Start-AzureVM and Stop-AzureVM are easy commands !) there is some plumbing to do with the assets […]

In a few weeks I will be heading to Darmstadt (near Frankfurt) for speaking at the SQL Konferenz 2015. This is my first time speaking at this event but from what I’ve heard from the previous y:ear this is a great event. The event is organised by PASS Germany and some of my great community […]

The 14th edition (actually it is probably the 13th since they skipped SQLBits XIII – Who said superstition ?) of SQL Bits will take place from the 4th to 7th March in London. This years edition is placed under the Superhero theme. It is my first time at the event and I really have great […]

For a couple of years ago I was involved in the co-writing of a chapter to “SQL Server 2012 Upgrade Technical guide”. I had the honor to write the chapter about SQL Server Data Tools. Well now it has been mordernized, reviewed and republished – We love sequels ;-) – under the title “SQL Server […]

3rd and 4th of March : 2 days of SQL Server conference delivered by some of the best speakers on the planet. 2nd of March : 1 day of pre-conference History Started in 2011 by some of the pioneers of the European SQL Server community : Raoul Illyes and Johan Åhlén from SolidQ the SQL […]


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