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SSMS Tip Of The Day – Show Row Count

Today, when clicking around SSMS, I discovered this little helpful trick, that you probably already knew but here it comes anyway. If you want to see the number of rows in a table you can always use Select count(*) from TableName but it has quite a nasty performance. Another way to do it with much […]

Installing Sharepoint 2013 without a domain account

I’m sure that at one point every person that is working with Sharepoint has cursed upon the impossibility to install SharePoint without a Domain Controler. Of course I’m not speaking of prod environment here. But on your virtual machines of any kind to try new functionality or to install new features. Lately – today actually […]

Cannot connect to configuration database

How many times have I seen this message on a blank page when starting browsing Sharepoint 2010 or the Central Administration ? Well, a lot of times, believe me, but yesterday was a new one ! A friend called in despair saying that their Sharepoint installation (intranet, 1 Front end webserver and one shared SQL Server with […]