Changing SSRS 2016 user display language

Working in a Swiss company where German is the language of predilection for formatting numbers, dates and currency I was having a hard time understanding what SSRS 2016 was trying to tell me on the displays of it’s menus and options.


Words like Paginierter Bericht don’t really mean much to me and trying to understand error messages like :


Is quite tedious, luckily SSRS Portal allows you to copy paste the text in the error message for translation or lookup purposes.

With a quick internet search I was able to find this great forum post on How to change the user language of reporting services .

Internet Options –> Languages –> Set Language Preferences –> Add the language of your choice and restart the browser.


Unfortunately following the instructions didn’t make it work for me. After removing all languages and only keeping English (United States) the page was still in German.

Result : I am still stuck with a language I don’t speak. Of course I could start learning it but I bet there must be an easier way.

And actually there is – The only thing making a difference in the language displayed is the Change date, time, or number formats option in the language settings of the control panel.


Changing it to Spanish and refreshing the browser changed the SSRS user language to Spanish without me having to add a language at all.

To change the user language of SSRS 2016 you need only to change the Formatting Region setting from the control panel – nothing else !

Happy reporting !

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